Motivation lies at the core of human behavior. It explains why we do what we do. With this thesis, we seek an explanation for the beneficial influence of leadership, corporate purpose, and values ​​on employee engagement through motivation. Engaged employees derive energy from their work, are dedicated, and display higher psychological well-being and performance. Our research identifies motivation as an underlying mechanism linking leadership with positive outcomes. Leadership at the service of motivation boosts engagement and serves the need for self-determination and meaning. A corporate purpose embracing all stakeholders instead of just the shareholders positively affects motivation and engagement; Employees identify with an inspiring mission and vision. Corporate values ​​aimed at contributing to a better world reinforce this even further, as does a work environment with room for personal and professional growth. We have empirically tested these principles in three studies. A fourth tested leadership and motivation in an intervention study. Navigating motivation at work supports employees to flourish, develop, and find significance.